With our heavy staff/contractor presence which cuts across all regions and states of Ghana and Nigeria respectively. Helpmewaka is poised to relieve the errand stress of some of the following tasks

  • Applying and processing of transcripts/certificates from schools in Ghana and Nigeria
  • Follow up with schools with reference to verification requests from international bodies such as ICAS, WES, IQAS, ECE, etc.
  • Legalization of documents at the foreign affairs ministry and other local embassies in Ghana and Nigeria respectively.
  • Verifications and inspections of property acquisitions
  • Finding professionals such as lawyers, doctors, estate surveyors, artisans , etc.
  • Tourism – assisting and providing transportation and housing during visits
  • Medical house visit check ups to loved ones
  • Providing assistance with company registrations in Ghana and Nigeria respectively
  • Miscellaneous Errands

As long as there is a clear defined scope of task, we will be able to run the errand, so feel free to email us at , if you have questions related to the errand you want us to run for you.